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Why buying illegal peroxide gels from amazon can land you in trouble

At Naturawhite, we take people’s personal safety and the laws regarding teeth whitening very seriously. That is why we are so concerned with the disturbing recent trend of teeth whiteners using illegal whitening gels that contain peroxide, usually sourced through Amazon. This practice is not only illegal, but it can cause serious and painful injuries on customers.

This article by the Daily Mail highlights the truly shocking and unacceptable outcome that arises from ‘teeth whiteners’ who are both poorly trained and who are using illegal peroxide-containing products.

Whilst the article clearly outlines why only trained dentists can use products which contain peroxide, there are some errors we would like to address.

As long as a teeth whitener uses legal products (no peroxide), does not offer any dental advice and also does not touch the customer’s mouth, gums or teeth – teeth whitening is perfectly legal. If you would like to learn more about how you can follow the law, please read this article.

The Dangers of Amazon and Other Online Marketplaces

Buying from Amazon, eBay or other online marketplaces has never been easier, you type in the product you want and select the cheapest result and make a small saving. The issue is, do you really know what ingredients went into the product? If the product came from China, are you aware that they have different laws regarding the ingredients of teeth whitening products? It is illegal to use peroxide-containing products in the United Kingdom, but how can you be sure that the products you have sourced from China have been labelled correctly? Unfortunately, ignorance of the law or your product’s ingredients is not a valid legal defense in court. You are the one who is liable for the ingredients that you offer to your customers.

There is also a concerning rise in the number of Chinese distribution companies which are disguised as being from the UK, EU or USA. These companies use websites that look professional, with fake reviews on each of the products, however, they do not offer any form of customer service. If you try to claim a refund or ask them to verify the legality and ingredients in their products, you won’t hear back from them. These companies are under no obligation to offer you peroxide-free products, as they sell products all over the world. Peroxide is illegal in the United Kingdom for anyone except trained dental professionals, but they aren’t the ones who will receive the court summons and fine from the GDC.

One sure way to identify that the product that you are looking at is a cheap or potentially dangerous knockoff is to look at the price. Our advice is, if the deal seems too good to be true, it probably is. Price is an important factor, but the quality, reliability and most of all the safety of your products need to come first to ensure your customer’s safety.

We at Naturawhite have been one of the largest sellers of whitening and aftercare products for the last 17 years. Our products are rigorously tested and have earned their reputation for safety and reliability. We do also offer discounts for larger orders to ensure you get the best value for money.

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