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Vogue names Teeth Whitening the No.1 Beauty Theme for 2022

With more and more people suffering from ‘teethxiety’ Teeth Whitening is the answer

The pandemic has resulted in us starting to care far more about ourselves. Our health. Our bodies. Our smiles. Working from home has given priority to how we look after ourselves, rather than focusing on our commutes into the office every day,

Lisa Payne, head of Beauty at trends intelligence firm Stylus has stated that “Wellbeing will be front and centre this year” as the countless lockdowns have made us realise how delicate we are and make us want to take better care of ourselves.

Stylus found that one consumer concern stands out the most: the importance of self-care, which means we will be focused on niche health problems, including hair loss, sensitive skin and dental care.



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What does this mean for the Teeth Whitening Industry?

The refocus on self-care means that the beauty sector is going to be booming with customers, from facials to pedicures, hairdressing to teeth whitening. 

Recent data research shows that the teeth whitening industry is going to continue to grow by another 5.41% CAGR with upcoming new technologies and different methods for teeth whitening that are widely available Therefore, more and more people are opting for aesthetic whitening procedures, as teeth whitening becomes more advanced and affordable every year.

The sector has seen such an increase in interest due to the “Zoom-boom” during lockdowns, prompting more consumers to seek out cosmetic dental procedures, as they were dissatisfied with their smiles on Zoom calls with work colleagues.

Furthermore, Clare Varga, Head of beauty at trend forecasting company WGSN, has named this self-conscious behaviour as “teethxiety” and pointed out that Cult Beauty saw a 72% increase in sales of oral care products during the first year of the pandemic.


How Can You Get Involved with Teeth Whitening?

Naturawhite offer a range of Business Packages to suit individual and salon needs, which include teeth whitening laser lights, market-leading whitening products, certified 1-to-1 training, business support and much more. It is predicted that 2022 will be the most popular year for teeth whitening to date. So there has never been a better time to get involved.


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