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Undo years of smoking stains on your teeth – Naturawhite laser teeth whitening

Cigarettes and tobacco products are one of the most notorious substances known for staining teeth. The process of smoking allows molecules of both tar and nicotine to come into contact with our teeth and create stains. This staining can be near impossible to remove through a good dental hygiene regimen alone.

The problem of stained teeth is made worse if you also have a poor diet and consume sugary and acidic food and drinks which weaken the enamel of your teeth, making them more susceptible to stains. Heavily staining food and drink such as a curry or glass of red wine can also be a source of further staining.

A recent study has found that one in five Americans are embarrassed to show their teeth in public and actively avoid smiling or opening their mouth to hide their teeth. Here at Naturawhite, we think everyone deserves the right to smile and feel pride in their appearance.

But I Can’t Quit!

Nicotine is an incredibly addictive substance, which actually is believed to be almost as addictive as heroin in some studies. It’s understandable that quitting is a near impossible task for some people. There are a variety of methods which may help anyone who has decided on taking action to tackle their addiction, including therapy, nicotine containing products and using e-cigarettes. Ultimately it’s a personal decision that each individual has to make.

Unfortunately, even if you do quit, the staining which is present will not just disappear, but you will be able to reduce the accumulation of further stains.

The Good News

Naturawhite laser teeth whitening can help! Our products work wonders on the appearance of tobacco stained teeth and can make a huge difference to the whiteness of your smile!

We find that a typical smokers teeth usually lie at a 13 – 17 on the teeth whitening scale. After a one hour laser teeth whitening session, clients with heavily stained teeth can expect a positive difference of 7 – 8 shades whiter!

How to Book? 

If you would like to book yourself in for a whitening session with one of our many partners across the country, then please visit our bookings page.

What’s Next? 

It’s important that after your treatment that you avoid smoking for at least twenty-four hours to avoid the re-accumulation of stains.

As always the most important factor in keeping your teeth white and avoiding tooth decay is to maintain good oral hygiene, ensuring you brush properly for a minimum of two times per day.