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The Global Teeth Whitening Business and its incredible profitability

A radiant smile is a vital social tool, and a set of sparkling pearly whites is indeed the mark of a well-groomed individual. This is perhaps the reason why the cosmetic teeth whitening industry has, over the course of the last few years, gained massive traction; attracting clientele ranging from celebrities, to professionals, to high- end models, and members of the public, in general.

It is estimated that teeth whitening business is an industry currently raking in over $15 billion in revenue in the United States alone. It is approximately worth $1.4 billion in Australia, and over £12 billion in the UK. Evidently, there has hardly been a better time to take advantage of this fast-growing opportunity. Following the Landmark Legal decision under English and Scottish law (which stipulates that the provision of self-service dental whitening is entirely legal), becoming a Naturawhite Brand Ambassador has become as easy as learning the first three letters of the alphabet. All that is required to own and operate Naturawhite a teeth whitening business is that the potential teeth whitening business owner receive training in teeth whitening machines and procedures. No previous experience or prior qualifications are required.

This may be easier than it sounds, as dozens of companies and online platforms provide teeth whitening training for budding professionals hoping to break into the teeth whitening business scene. Here at Naturawhite, we offer comprehensive teeth whitening courses, which are specially designed for a 15-minute session, and obtain you a registered training award, we also offer full insurance through a third party and a range of business packages and finance options. This provides the potential Naturawhite Brand Ambassador with all the resources that they need to start their teeth whitening business. Furthermore, as one of the longest-running Teeth-Whitening companies in the UK, Naturawhite has trainers all over the UK and is a leading provider of premier teeth whitening machines and equipment. Our teeth whitening courses and products also strictly conform to current legislation in the EU and UK regarding cosmetic teeth whitening.

The teeth whitening business is extremely lucrative, as it is a billion-dollar industry, with an enormously flexible profit margin. There is an estimated earning potential of up to £1000 weekly, and a profit margin of up to 90% per client. Sounds unbelievable? Just ask 23-year-old Australian entrepreneur, Alison Egan, who with a $10,000 loan, established a teeth whitening business which now services over 500 customers per week and rakes in millions of dollars in annual revenue.

Starting your own teeth whitening business today is a savvy business decision, as the future looks bright for the industry. You can make up to £2 per minute, and covering your initial startup cost in less than four weeks. The sector is further expected to experience exponential growth, as ABC news approximates that America spends approximately $25 billion annually on teeth whitening courses and teeth whitening products. This figure is expected to increase in subsequent years.

Watch the below video for an overview of how easy the process is.

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