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Teeth whitening training

With so many teeth whitening training companies around it is hard to know which one is best. There are many companies which will tell you their results are best and are the cheapest.
So which teeth whitening training company do you chose? We would like to list a few questions to help you chose the best teeth whitening training company.
1. Do you have a open Facebook page to view real results and reviews? Where can i view this?
2. What type of insurance can you offer me with my teeth whitening business pack? Who is this with?
3. What type of light are you offering and how long is the warranty? Issue of Warranty certificate.
4. Are you treatment packs pre filled or fresh filled?

Below is what you would want to hear from their replies.

1. Yes, we have a open review centre on Facebook where you can view real profiles from real customers.
2. We offer full insurance including legal protection for potential prosecution from the General Dental Council.
3. 2015, 36 Watt LED light with a 2 years warranty.
4. Fresh filled syringes with non peroxide gel

Many companies out there on offer will not answer at least 1 or more of these questions. If that is the case we suggest you stay clear and are happy to explain why if you contact us.

Teeth Whitening training should be comprehensive and include the correct certification for your insurance. At Naturawhite we can offer you everything required to be up and running in a short space of time.