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Self Service Forms: What are the benefits?

The last thing any salon owner needs is more admin. You could easily spend hours ordering supplies, sorting your finances and doing other tasks behind the scenes without actually doing what you do best: helping your customers. 

You need to make sure that the time you spend doing administrative duties has a reward for your business. If tasks are overly time-consuming and don’t provide a benefit, then are they really important? 

With this in mind, we wanted to focus on self-service forms. What are the benefits, how time-consuming are they and can Naturawhite help? 


Legal and Insurance


The first benefit of self-service forms is probably the most important to your business. Self-service forms are a great way to highlight to customers what to expect from an appointment and to ensure they understand what they have signed up for. 

A simple self-service form can easily pre-empt any customer questions and put their minds at ease about what to expect from the appointment. Also, by having the customer agree in writing and be made aware of what to expect, it covers any potential headaches further down the line if there are any difficulties with the appointment or any awkward refund discussions. 

In a nutshell: a signed self-service form can cover you legally.


Collecting Data


Every salon owner knows that repeat business is the key to success. What better way to achieve this than reaching out to customers who you know have had a treatment with you and enjoyed it? 

While a self-service form is a great legal tool, it can also be a beneficial marketing tool. By including an email address option in a self-service form, you can gain a list of previous customers and target them with exclusive deals and offers to entice them back to your salon. 


Naturawhite Self Service Forms Smile



It’s rare to sign up for anything these days without agreeing to terms and conditions or completing a form. Beauty treatments are no different. 

By including a self-service form, your customers’ perception of your salon will increase. They will appreciate being forewarned of any potential complications and will feel reassured that there are insurance protocols in place for the business. 


How Can Naturawhite Help?


As Naturawhite is a self-administered product, it is essential that customers complete the self-service form. We help make this easier for our ambassadors by offering two separate forms: one is branded with the Naturawhite logo, and the other is non-branded. 

This saves salon owners from having to create their own content and allows it all to be easily done digitally – online or offline – rather than manually with paper. 

Just one of the many ways Naturawhite are keeping an eye out for our people. 




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