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Naturawhite Trained Teeth Whitening Entrepreneur, Lisa Ferguson, Makes National Headlines!

Her new business, Ultra White, in Coatbridge is the talk of the town!

Ultra White is the first business of its kind to offer self-service laser teeth whitening in Coatbridge. Jumpstarting her business with Naturawhite, Lisa purchased the popular Diamond Package which included ‘high-quality equipment’ for teeth whitening.

Lisa’s mission to brighten the smiles of residents in her town couldn’t have come at a better time, as the teeth whitening industry is currently going through a period of exponential growth, both in the United Kingdom and worldwide. In fact, teeth whitening as a service is expected to reach a value of £25.5bn globally by 2024.

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naturawhite ambassador

Lisa Ferguson: Successful Naturawhite Brand Ambassador

Lisa said of her success, “It’s been really good. I’ve had probably about 15 people through in the last two weeks. It’s a fantastic process and some people will come back for further treatment to get their desired effect… Everything has been going really well. It’s a really encouraging start, so I’m delighted.”

Lisa’s entrepreneurial journey began when she herself went to get her teeth whitened with Naturawhite. Her results were so fantastic that she knew that this could be the business opportunity that she had been looking for. She commented that her results were, “out of this world,” 


The Secret To Ultra White’s Success

Ultra White has been enjoying a surge in bookings and you might be wondering, what is their secret to success? The truth is, Laura has put in the work and has been diligently promoting and building her brand online.

Laura said of her marketing, “I just launched it on Facebook and Instagram and I have been working in the background on my branding… I had only been live for a week and had eight bookings – it will gather much more traction, but there has been a really positive response so far.”

In the digital landscape of 2022, having an online presence and promoting your products and services is paramount. Naturawhite provide ongoing Marketing Support to brand ambassadors, as well as providing them with free start-up professional content to use on their own platforms, as well as additional purchasable content.

Nancy, Naturawhite’s own Head of Marketing and Operations tells us, “Marketing is so important for our teeth whitening partners. You really only get out what you put in and those who are passionate about their marketing are rewarded with success. We offer all of our partners a lot of support, as well as a range of digital assets and advice to ensure they can achieve their entrepreneurial goals.”

You can check out Naturawhite’s range of marketing materials here.

Is Teeth Whitening Legal?

The common misconception that self-service laser teeth whitening is in any way illegal is completely false. In fact, recent landmark legal precedents have been set that ensure that Naturawhite trained self-service teeth whiteners are not in any danger of breaching the Dentists Act 1984.

Naturawhite was founded in 2002 and is one of the longest established laser teeth whitening experts in the country. We have been passionately offering legal teeth whitening training since 2002. One of our core values is to offer full support to our valued Brand Ambassadors.

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