We understand that Marketing is an important factor for you to be successful as a Naturawhite Brand Ambassador.  It is important to get the word out to your local community that you have started your teeth whitening business and are now offering Naturawhite teeth whitening service and products. It is essential that you keep your business thriving and growing as soon as you start your new business. Naturawhite will help your business every step of the way with our complete marketing support.

Our marketing support starts when you purchase a Naturawhite Business package. All our business packages include printed marketing materials to help you get started in advertising. You will receive marketing material for you to display during your appointments and material for you to give to your customers. You can also find various other marketing materials from our online shop such as signs, posters and leaflets that will help you promote your products and services. Our marketing team can design social media banners, roller banners or provide you with the Naturawhite logo to use. The White Label distribution service is another benefit available from the marketing team. The White Label distribution service can help set up your very own teeth whitening brand by branding our high-quality products as your own.

Through the Naturawhite name, you will be able to promote your business successfully as Naturawhite is a trusted brand in the industry with 18 years of expertise. Our laser lights and products provide customers with the highest standard of self-administrated teeth whitening on the market which will help you maintain a competitive advantage. You can feel confident that your customers will always receive the best results. In order to showcase this, it is best to price your appointments to reflect the quality of the products. You can purchase a range of aftercare teeth whitening products that you can sell to your customers to enhance their results in between appointments. Before your customer’s appointment, you must get your customers to fill out the online Self-Service Form so that they know you are following the current legislation and guidelines. We are one of the only teeth whitening companies that can offer teeth whitening insurance so that you can protect your business and customers.

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Once you join the Naturawhite family we will give you ongoing support to help make your business a success. Our marketing support team understands your customers and the products you are selling and the channels you need to use to promote your teeth whitening business. We combine this expertise to help you reach new customers and help you make your business prosper. We can discuss your business goals, values and discuss any challenges you may be having with marketing your business.

Naturawhite is one of the few laser teeth whitening companies to offer marketing support and a marketing guide to its customers. Our marketing guide will be able to help you with a range of marketing tasks such as choosing the right name for your business, creating your social media business pages and advice on social media marketing. They will be able to equip you with a wealth of material and advice when you become part of the growing number of satisfied Naturawhite Brand Ambassadors.

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