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Is Naturawhite laser teeth whitening a profitable business?

Over 99% of people believe that their smile is an important social benefit. In 2018 the annual revenue for the teeth whitening industry reached an eye-watering $11 billion globally. In addition, the UK is the second biggest market in the world (after the USA). One in eight people have had their teeth whitened, and this is growing year on year.

So the answer to the above question is YES, Naturawhite Laser Teeth Whitening is a profitable business!

With Naturawhite Self-Service Teeth Whitening you could make up to 90% profit per client as shown on the below table. On average a Naturawhite Brand Ambassador earns £1000 per week, and we’re here to help you to achieve that.

Naturawhite is one of the UK’s longest-running teeth whitening experts in the country. We have been passionately offering UK compliant self-service teeth whitening since 2002. With over 17 years of experience in the industry, we have the knowledge and expertise to help you make a profit.

What Makes Naturawhite Different?

Naturawhite has carved itself a very successful position as the premium brand in the Laser Teeth Whitening industry since 2002.

All Naturawhite training awards are registered with an FCA registered Insurance broker. No other training company can offer this service.

We provide our Brand Ambassadors with the best teeth whitening equipment and products available. All of our teeth whitening machines are specifically designed for use with non-peroxide gels, providing fantastic results. Our teeth whitening lamps are also subject to rigorous tests in our manufacturer’s lab prior to their release.

Many companies do not offer training to their business partners, we do. We prioritise our teeth whitening training to ensure that our Brand Ambassadors are offering the self-service teeth whitening product to their customers confidently and legally. We will also arrange your teeth whitening training in your own home or salon. Where better to learn that in the environment where you’ll be working from?

Our teeth whitening training courses are straightforward and comprehensive with simple instructions. We’ll help you develop your skill set and hone your teeth whitening knowledge.

Don’t just take our word for it; check out what our Brand Ambassadors are saying about us.

Call us today on 0131 552 7032 to find out more.

Watch the below video for an overview of how easy the process is.