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How You Can Benefit From Becoming A Professional Naturawhite Brand Ambassador in Laser Teeth Whitening

Becoming a Naturawhite certified Brand Ambassador could give you the freedom and independence that you have been craving, creating the perfect work-life balance to suit everyone, from working mums, to independent beauticians. This life-changing opportunity could bring so many benefits to your life.

Naturawhite has been the leading UK teeth whitening business for over 19 years, so you are guaranteed professional training, quality products and expert support throughout the entire Brand Ambassador process.

What benefits are there to becoming a certified Naturawhite Brand Ambassador?

  1. Flexible hours that fit around your lifestyle – With Naturawhite you can choose the hours that suit you. We know that time is precious and more time spent with your family and friends is always a positive. Work around your children’s school times, another job or make more time for yourself with the hours you want to work.


  1. Work from home – The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in many businesses adjusting to remote work. If you choose to become a Brand Ambassador you can operate your teeth whitening business from home, your salon or visit other people’s homes to offer your services. We will provide you with mobile kits – meaning you can take your teeth whitening service anywhere.


  1. Earn a secure income – Depending on how many hours you can do per week; you could earn up to £1000 per week with Naturawhite. Listen to some Naturawhite ambassadors’ stories here.


  1. Full Marketing Support – The marketing team can provide you with a complete marketing folder containing professional videos, pictures and social media content ideas, enabling you to successfully get your teeth whitening business brand out there. The team is always on hand and you can call them for any marketing questions or advice.


  1. Feel confident with professional training and certification – Naturawhite’s teeth whitening courses provide you with everything you need to get going, from comprehensive information to inspiring ideas. If you complete our training programme, you will become a certified Naturawhite Ambassador. This means you will come across as more credible and reliable to customers.
  2.  Fully protected and insured – Once you have completed your training you will qualify for Naturawhite’s cosmetic teeth whitening insurance. No other UK company provides this protection so you can feel assured your business is providing a fully legal and protected service to customers. Our policy can be paid in one efficient instalment or across 3 monthly payments, it is completely up to you.


  1. Incredible teeth whitening & aftercare products – Naturawhite’s vegan and cruelty-free, professional products whiten, brighten and strengthen customers’ teeth with no pain or sensitivity. We use powerful non-peroxide gels and 0.1% hydrogen peroxide safe for teeth with our laser whitening machines. Our teeth whitening products and procedures are the safest way to whiten teeth. And once you become a brand ambassador you will have complete access to our Trade Shop and receive exclusive discounts across our entire product range.


  1. Credible, well-established and professional name: A large challenge when setting up your own business is to build up a credible, trustworthy brand name that customers can rely on. However, when you are an ambassador for Naturawhite, you automatically get to use Naturawhite’s branding, social media and well-established name. So, the hard part is already done for you.


There are endless possibilities and benefits when you become a Naturawhite Brand Ambassador.

How do I get started on my Naturawhite Brand Ambassador journey?

Starting the ambassador process is very simple and can be completed in as little as a few days. There are some key steps to follow to ensure you feel prepared, knowledgeable and happy with the responsibility.

  1. 1Read all of the information provided on Naturawhite’s website about our current ambassadors, training and business packages on offer. If you would like additional information our team is always on hand to answer your questions.
  2. Purchase a business package. You have three options to choose from:
  • Diamond Package: this best-selling package includes the full deal and can result in teeth becoming up to 16 shades whiter, including our strongest 50w Diamond Light, 50 Customer Gel Packs for 50 appointments and 3 Aftercare Products. You could make up to £1000 per week based on 10 appointments with this teeth whitening business
  • Gold Package: this intermediate offer includes a 36w Aura Light, 30 Customer Gel Packs for 30 appointments with results showing teeth becoming 12-14 shades whiter. You could also earn up to £700 per week based on 10 appointments with this package option.
  • Original Package: this most basic package includes a 24w Original Light, 15 Customer Gel Packs for 15 appointments and can result in teeth becoming 10-12 shades whiter.
  1. Book your training: After deciding on and purchasing your chosen business package you can book your Naturawhite teeth whitening training. This industry leading training programme is fully remote, can be completed in one sitting and includes various demonstrations on how to use the laser lights, products and it covers important information ranging from the legalities of the industry to marketing.
  2. Get advertising: Our marketing team is on hand to guide you through the marketing and once you’ve started advertising you can start receiving appointments! It’s as simple as that.

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