How to whiten teeth – the legal way!

Self-service teeth whitening is a completely legal business, and yet people are prosecuted every year by the GDC. Why is this?

With over 15 years experience in the teeth whitening cosmetic industry and as one of the leaders of this growing industry, we want to help set the record straight. We only sanction legal teeth whitening services and want to help spread the truth concerning the laws which govern teeth whitening and put a stop to the spread of further misinformation.

Stay Away From Peroxide!

This should come as no surprise to anyone, but using products containing hydrogen peroxide is illegal! Only dentists are allowed to use anything containing hydrogen peroxide, as this is classed as dentistry. Hydrogen peroxide can cause chemical burns if not administered properly, and this is one of the reasons why it should only be administered by registered dentists and dental technicians. A reoccurring issue is online hydrogen peroxide gels, which usually originate in China. Most people don’t understand what active ingredients are in these gels and if they even work to whiten teeth or not as they are not dental professionals

There are only a handful of trusted, tested and result producing gels on the market today. We offer two fantastic gels which produce proven excellent results.

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Ensuring You Operate Within The Law

Do direct the customer to follow the self-service teeth whitening instructions upon the product packaging

Don’t offer any dental advice, this includes anything relating to changes in oral hygiene, foods to eat or anything that could constitute ‘dentistry’

Do try to upsell teeth whitening aftercare products

Don’t touch the customer’s mouth at any stage, this includes applying the gel to the teeth

Do allow the customer to measure their teeth against a shading guide, take before and after selfies for social media and encourage them to give positive feedback online

Don’t make untrue claims or exaggerations online or in person, if you claim to be registered with the GDC or a dental professional in any way, you will be found out and you will be prosecuted

Do spread the truth about legal teeth whitening

Don’t risk being prosecuted, if you are in doubt – call us

Remember, only dentists are allowed to give teeth whitening treatments, as these are classed as ‘dentistry’. Offering a self-service teeth whitening product is completely different and has a proven legal track record.

If you operate within the law and in line with our training and policies, then not only will you be operating within the law, you will also have a fantastic business to boot! .

Learn more about the Sales of Goods Act 1979. Which regulates the sale of these products

You can read about one of our partners who recently won a case against the General Dental Council here.