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How to start your new business – A startup guide for new teeth whiteners

How to Start Your BusinessA Start-up Guide For New Teeth Whiteners


  1. How to Get Started
  2. Attitude
  3. Marketing Strategy
  4. Sales Strategy


1. How to Get Started

Starting a business can involve many different moving pieces, some more exciting than others. The trick to getting your business off the ground successfully is to have a solid plan, and organise yourself to work on all aspects of your new business. If you can prioritise properly and work to constantly improve then you are going to increase your chances of success.

Here are some points to consider when getting your business started:

Register for Self Employment: For starters, you will need to register yourself as self-employed, which you can do by reading and following this guide:

Get yourself insured: Having insurance will protect you if the worst was to happen. Make sure you have peace of mind by getting cover and make sure to tell your customers (it’s a selling point).

If you have completed Naturawhite training you will be eligible for insurance cover by filling out the quotation form on this webpage:

Your business name: Try and pick something memorable. It may be something that conjures up images of white teeth like ‘Extra White Smiles’, or you may want to keep it simple and include your name ‘Teeth Whitening by Karen’. Or you can use Naturawhite in your name, to increase your brand recognition “Naturawhite Teeth Whitening – York”.

Getting word out about your business: How do you plan to do this? Word of mouth, print advertising (such as brochures) and social media advertising are all excellent routes to take. We cover these points in more detail in Part 3: Marketing Strategy.

Pricing strategy: Who is the competition in your area? It’s important to do some research to find out who else is operating in your area and what prices they are charging. If someone is offering teeth whitening for half the price that you plan on selling at, you won’t be able to compete with them.

Have a think about a good standard price for your whitening sessions, and also a discounted price which you can offer if you hold a sale.

2. Attitude

Not everyone is successful in business, but everyone has the potential to be as long as they are passionate and have a can do attitude. It’s about being in the correct mindset to succeed, to go the extra mile to attract customers and always be looking for ways to improve.

Our most successful business partners are all very driven people, but they also share another common theme, they ask us for help.

If you are not getting enough bookings in, or you are unsure of how to do something that will increase your bookings – then let us know and we can do our best to offer you help.

It is in our best interest for all of our partners to be successful and we are passionate about helping people reach new heights and become successful teeth whiteners.

The best action to take is to send us an email at with your query, so we have time to prepare an answer that will help you get back on track.

3. Marketing Strategy

Marketing is a hugely important aspect of any business and will be one of the main differences between successful entrepreneurs and those struggling with their business.

Marketing is the strategy, promotion, research and advertising of your products and services.

Social Media Advertising – The number one thing you need to do in order to operate in this day and age is to create and maintain an online presence.

This can be daunting for some people, but can be easier than you might believe. You don’t need to get on every social media platform, in fact we would recommend you focus on Facebook  and/or Instagram.

Below you can find some of our detailed guides to using Facebook.

Our beginners guide to using Facebook
Our guide on boosting Facebook posts.

Focus on: Posting engaging content. Creating offers and encouraging ‘sharing’ to find new customers. Asking for reviews and replying to messages from customers.

Print advertising – Sometimes old school is the way to go, and there is still a lot of value in using leaflets and brochures to promote yourself, especially if you have the opportunity to have them placed in an area with a good footfall.

We offer a range of marketing materials, graphic design and print work including posters, leaflets and contact forms. You can look at our offerings on our website here:

Word of mouth advertising – This method is likely to be the one which takes the longest to show rewards, however on the upside – it is completely free!

Tell your friends, your family and even people you meet waiting in line for coffee about your fantastic new business. Give them an offer to tempt them in the door and then offer them a discount if they can refer more customers to your business. This effect can snowball and bring in many customers that you otherwise wouldn’t have reached.

You can also ask customers to visit your social media pages and leave a review, or take a selfie during the teeth whitening session to send to their friends.

It may take some time, but you will gain a lot of new business through engaging with people in this way.

4. Sales Strategy

Sales strategy is important to anyone that takes their business seriously. You need to work out your overhead costs, so you know what you can charge your clients in order to stay profitable.

It is important to be flexible with your pricing strategy, as you will need to adapt to your clients needs, competition as well as your own business needs.

You may for instance find that you don’t get many bookings during school holidays, and so you can plan ahead to offer a 30% discount on these days.

Another idea for those who are offering other beauty services is to offer a deal such as “Get your nails done while your teeth are whitened for only £110, today only!”.

Your strategy should align with your goals, if you need new clients then you may want to offer a free aftercare product to any new clients for one month.

It’s these kind of ideas that can give you a real advantage over your competition, as well as earning you a loyal customer base.

Stock: You may also want to consider that buying in bulk is cheaper from Naturawhite, meaning that you may only buy your customer packs once every month from us, because you buy 40 at a time – which reduces the price per customer pack. It’s up to you, but make sure you give it some thought and understand where you can cut costs.

Aftercare products are another way to increase revenue, you can experiment with what products your clients like and keep these in a display case near where the whitening occurs. Make sure you mention these products to every customer and attempt an upsell, as you can make excellent profits from these items.