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Aftercare Tips – Maintain your new white smile

You have just left a teeth whitening appointment and are feeling great with your bright white smile. The last thing you want to do is allow your beautiful new teeth to become stained all over again, so what can be done to prevent this?

Read on below to find out more about what steps you can take to maintain your pearly whites.

Eating and Drinking

Heavily staining foods and drinks should not be consumed in the first 24 hours after the appointment. This is really important because during this time period you could be risking the immediate re-staining of your teeth!

Try to chose ‘whiter’ foods, such as fish for your meals during this time, and lay off the cups of tea and you should not have any issues.

Examples of heavily staining food and drink: Coffee, tea, red wine, sugary carbonated beverages, dark sauces such as curry or soy sauce, heavily pickled foods and of course sweeties

We would also urge you to refrain from smoking during this period also, which can also prematurely stain your teeth.


Aftercare products are designed to lengthen the amount of time it takes for your teeth to accumulate stains, these range from daily use items, to products which you may only use to ‘touch up’ your smile before a big event.

We have a large selection of aftercare products available on our website, with an option for everyone; from teeth whitening strips, to charcoal toothpaste and whitening pens.

Check out our full selection here.

*A strict oral hygiene routine is also essential for anyone that wishes to maintain a white set of teeth. Please consult your dentist for advice on how to maintain your oral hygiene.