Fresh Filled vs Pre-filled, Teeth Whitening Gel Facts

arrow2Fresh-filled syringes mean the gel is vacuum sealed ensuring the highest level of effectiveness.

arrow2A fresh-filled syringe can be used to offer three twenty minute sessions in an appointment. This will lead to a far greater overall shade improvement in results which will also be long lasting.

arrow2A safe, legal and effective alternative to peroxide gels. We use the latest 36 Watt AURA laser light to ensure a powerful oxidation reaction with our gels which guarantees the best results.

arrow2We offer customer packs from as low as £8.99 + VAT. This allows you to offer teeth whitening as a premium yet affordable experience for your customers.

arrow2Limited effectiveness – as with many beauty products such as spray tanning solutions, the gel is not vacuum sealed and as such loses its effectiveness.

arrow2Suitable for a single session (usually 15 – 20 minutes). Long lasting results from cosmetic teeth whitening are dependent on an oxidation reaction created from close proximity between the laser light and gel. A single 15 – 20 minute session will not be enough time for the whitening process to take full effect.

arrow2Short term results – often the gel used is based on a variant of bicarbonate of soda. This gives teeth a temporary whiter appearance through the dehydration of the enamel which changes the way light reflects of the teeth. As the teeth rehydrate any whitening effects will fade.

arrow2Reduced profit margin – although less effective, pre-filled mouth guards are more expensive to manufacture. Additionally offering a standard full appointment of 3 back to back sessions means needing to use three pre-filled mouth guards for every customer